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Air Pressure

Understanding Shale Gas Development

Click here to learn more about the process of drilling and producing shale gas, from initial exploration to site remediation. Here, you'll also find information about different types of gas infrastructure like compressor stations and storage facilities.

Health Impacts and Reporting

Shale gas production is a threat to public health. By polluting air, water, and soil, and producing stress-inducing noise and light pollution, those who live, work, and go to school near shale gas facilities may experience a wide range of health conditions.

Research and Factsheets

EHP is dedicated to providing accurate, data-backed information regarding shale gas development and public health to concerned residents and communities, health professionals, public health officials, and researchers. This section includes papers, presentations, factsheets, and additional resources.

Organizational Statements

EHP advocates for public health action in the face of shale gas development. Read more about our organizational beliefs and the research-backed recommendations we make to policymakers.

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