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Our Team


Alison L. Steele, MBA

Executive Director

Alison L. Steele earned her undergraduate degree in physics from Drew University in Madison, NJ and her MBA in Sustainable Business Practices from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. As part of her graduate work, Alison studied sustainability tools and practices used by leading companies in Europe, performed consulting services for large Pittsburgh-area companies, and published research on organizational behavior techniques used to aid adoption of sustainability initiatives. Prior to starting at EHP, she led policy and education efforts at Conservation Consultants, Inc. and developed the company's flagship grassroots community engagement program, which focused on advancing home health and energy efficiency in low-income Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Patrick Dooling, MS

Deputy Director

Patrick Dooling received his BS in Geosciences from Penn State University and MS in Geology from the University of Utah. After studying a wide array of geological sciences including volcanology in Iceland, earthquake geology on major faults in Southern California, and sedimentology in southern Utah, he worked as a petroleum geologist and project manager in Houston, TX. Eager to transition to a career in environmental conservation, Patrick joined the Colorado-based Western Slope Conservation Center in 2016. As Executive Director, Patrick led the organization’s efforts to build grassroots support to protect and enhance Colorado’s iconic landscapes and watersheds.

EHP Bio Kholood.jpeg

Kholood Ben-Essa, MBA

Public Policy Strategist

Kholood Ben-Essa is a sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) specialist with a multidisciplinary background and global experience in asset management, development finance, and management consultancy. Throughout her 15-year career, she has worked in different countries, including the United Kingdom, Kuwait, and the United States. In the US, she joined the United Nations Secretariat, managing, monitoring, and evaluating various sustainability programs. As an engineer, a sustainable development goals (SDG) program officer, a financial consultant, and a business development strategist, Kholood's passion for making a positive impact on the world has grown at the intersection of these experiences. She holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, an MBA with a concentration in Finance, and CFA-ESG certification.

Nathan Deron, MS

Program Manager

Nathan Deron earned his BS in political science and sociology at the University of Pittsburgh and his MS in Public Policy, Management, and Data Analytics from Carnegie Mellon University. While completing his MS, Nathan worked with the Allegheny County Department of Human Services to investigate novel interventions for frequent users of emergency services in Allegheny County. He also worked with 412 Food Rescue to develop a new model of food recovery to address rural hunger in Greene County, PA. Before attending Carnegie Mellon, Nathan spent three years at City of Asylum working to provide sanctuary to persecuted writers from around the world, including managing the Alphabet City performance venue.

Staff, Ned Ketyer

Edward (Ned) Ketyer, MD, FAAP

Medical Advisor

Dr. Ned Ketyer is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-area pediatrician. Dr. Ketyer enjoyed 26 years in private practice before retiring from patient care in 2017, although he continues to write a daily blog for AHN Pediatrics called The PediaBlog ( He remains a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health and Climate Change and is President of Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania. Dr. Ketyer is a consultant for the Environmental Health Project bringing attention to the health impacts of fracking in the Marcellus Shale gas patch.

Dr. Ketyer’s work connects the rapid expansion of shale gas extraction (fracking) and petrochemical/plastic development in the Ohio River Valley with the local and regional health impacts currently experienced by residents, and the global ecologic and public health catastrophes resulting from plastic pollution and climate change that threaten the health and well-being of all passengers on this shining ball of blue.

Aaron Makatura

Project Coordinator for Appalachia

Aaron Makatura earned a BS in biology from Penn State University. He began his career as an Environmental Health Specialist with the Allegheny County Health Department’s Housing and Community Environment Program, where he responded to complaints and promoted community well-being for the residents of Allegheny County. Afterwards he transferred to the ACHD Air Quality Program and served as an Air Quality Technician, conducting inspection of a variety of facilities and activities to ensure compliance with relevant air quality regulations. Aaron is excited to bring his regulatory knowledge and experience to EHP to help educate and empower local communities.

Aaron Makatura - Via Ferrata.JPG

Talor Musil, MSW

Field Manager

Talor Musil received a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from Calvin University and a Master of Social Work (MSW) with a concentration in Community, Organization, and Social Action from the University of Pittsburgh.


Before moving to Pittsburgh in 2019, Talor was a community organizer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in grassroots efforts to ensure healthy, affordable housing for all. As a macro social worker, she is dedicated to community and system change that advances social, environmental, and racial justice. Thus far her career has focused on public health policy that reduces environmental exposures in the built and natural environment. She formerly served as the Health Policy Manager at Women for a Healthy Environment and the Coordinator for the Cancer and Environment Network of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Sanjana Parmar, MS

Environmental Data Analyst

Sanjana Parmar is a mechanical engineer from India with an MS in Public Policy, Management, and Data Analytics from Carnegie Mellon University. While working in the automobile and manufacturing industry, she led optimization initiatives to induce sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. During graduate school, Sanjana worked with NYSDEC to build a machine learning algorithm that predicts which hazardous waste facilities in New York State are most likely to violate EPA laws in the upcoming year. For the past two years, she has worked with several organizations to utilize data to drive fundraising and build database infrastructure on various CRM systems. In her free time, Sanjana enjoys photography and exploring the local food scene and looks forward to opportunities to bake. 

Sanjana Parmar Cropped.png
Staff, Jo Resciniti

Jo Resciniti

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Jo Resciniti received a BS in business administration with a focus in marketing from Robert Morris University in Moon Township, PA. Jo has years of experience managing social media, websites, and digital communications for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. In 2020, Jo worked with her neighbors to convene the Concerned Residents of West Deer, a group that oversees the township’s handling of applications for shale gas infrastructure.   

Scott Smith, MA, MFA

Communications Manager

Scott Smith holds an MA in English from Pennsylvania State University and an MFA in creative writing from the University of Arizona. Scott has worked in the communications field for more than 20 years. Most recently, he was employed as a communications specialist and public relations coordinator at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh, where he worked extensively on promoting affordable housing programs.

Staff, Scott Smith
Staff, Sherry Van Lange

Sherry Van Lange, MBBS, MPH

Data Analyst

Sherry Van Lange received her medical degree from the University of Guyana and her MPH from Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU). During her time as a doctor in the Caribbean, she developed a passion for environmental and public health. While at SCSU, she conducted community-based opioid research and completed a thesis paper about predictors of opioid prescribing practices. As a graduate student, she began working with EHP on the Safety Assessment of Siting Large Shale Gas Compressor Stations in Residential Neighborhoods in New York State. She continues to work with EHP as a data analyst after graduating from the MPH program.

Jackson Zeiler, MPH

Public Health Analyst

Jackson received his MPH from Columbia University, specializing in environmental health policy. Much of his graduate work looked at the costs and benefits of community-level climate change adaptation strategies, including energy transitions, regulatory frameworks, and community resiliency. He has extensive experience translating emerging scientific literature and research into accessible formats and previously worked with an organization specializing in climate change health communication. Jackson also worked as an intern at the Federal Emergency Management Agency Region 2, assisting with data analysis and research reviews on vegetative waste management in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Our Fellows

Raina Levin.jpeg

Raina Levin 

Environmental Health Fellow

Raina received a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University and is currently completing an MPH at Boston University School of Public Health with a concentration in Environmental Health. She previously worked at Massachusetts General Hospital performing Alzheimer’s and dementia research. At the hospital, she conducted community outreach, neuropsychological testing, and MRIs to help understand how genetics, sleep, and environmental factors affect healthy aging.


In her free time, Raina enjoys exploring cities by public transportation/bike and baking. She’s excited to spend the summer working with EHP!

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