Press Releases

Health Advocacy Groups Meet with PA DOH and DEP to Discuss Community and Physician Interaction, Setbacks, Water Provisions for Affected Residents, and Tour of Communities Impacted by Shale Gas Development

October 1, 2021

PA Department of Health Visits Communities and Families Impacted by Shale Gas Development, Hears First-hand Accounts of Health Harms

August 05, 2021

Key stakeholders urge Gov. Wolf to close loophole in state methane rulemaking that leaves half of climate-harming oil and gas emissions unchecked

June 23, 2021

Health Advocacy Groups Press PA Department on Monitoring and Testing of Shale Gas Development Emissions, Including Radioactive Waste Streams; Urge More Physician and Community Interaction

June 07, 2021

Health Advocacy Groups Ask PA Department of Health for Clarification on Addressing Radioactive Waste Streams from Shale Gas Development, Providing Ongoing Physician and Community Education

March 05, 2021

Health Advocacy Groups Question Pennsylvania Department of Health on Shale Gas Development Studies

December 10, 2020

Research Study Uses New Way of Assessing Exposure to Pollutants from Shale Gas Development in Southwestern Pennsylvania

August 31, 2020

Pennsylvania Health Care Providers Call on Gov. Wolf, PA DOH to Better Protect Pennsylvanians from Health Effects of Shale Gas Development (and DOH Response)

August 21, 2020

Health Advocacy Groups Say Pennsylvania Department Of Health Not Actively Protecting Pennsylvanians Living Near Shale Gas Development

July 08, 2020

EHP Hires Deputy Director Dooling and Environmental Data Scientist Deron

July 07, 2020

EHP Releases Information and Guidance on Air Pollution and Respiratory Infections such as COVID-19

June 03, 2020

EHP Hires New Executive Director Alison Steele

February 28, 2020

EHP Responds to Marcellus Shale Coalition Letter, Finds False Arguments and Errors of Fact in Discussion of Public Health Matters

November 05, 2019

Impacted Families, Backed by Dozens of Groups, Urge Governor Wolf to Attend Cancer Crisis Meeting in Washington County

October 01, 2019

EHP Researchers Use New Approach to Study Relationship Between Fracking and Exposure, Find Wind Direction May Be a Primary Indicator of Respiratory Issues

September 10, 2019

EHP Questions Comments Made By PA Secretary of Health Dr. Levine Regarding Whether the State Is Protecting the Public’s Health in High-Fracking Areas

August 01, 2019

Community Meeting Draws Residents, Experts Together to Discuss Childhood Cancers in Southwestern Pennsylvania

June 18, 2019

Environmental Health Project Statement Urging Governor Wolf and DEP to Focus Efforts on Eliminating Methane Emissions from Shale Gas Operations

January 09, 2019

Environmental Health Project Statement Urging Wolf Administration and DEP to Strengthen Methane Rule Proposal on Existing Oil and Gas Facilities

December 12, 2018