Our assessment forms are now available in Spanish!

Check out our newest technical report on Health and Unconventional Natural Gas Development: Up-to-date Findings.

Welcome to our newest team member, Leann Leiter, the joint EHP-FracTracker Fellow! Leann is a recent graduate from the Masters in Sustainable Communities program at Northern Arizona University. She studied the social, political, and economic contexts of what makes communities just and sustainable, and conducted her thesis research on household disaster preparedness. She has a passion for advocacy at the intersection of social and environmental justice, and as the joint EHP-FracTracker Fellow, she is thrilled to engage others in her enthusiasm for participatory, community based research.  

We've created two new maps! The first map shows production activity in SWPA focusing primarily around Washington and Greene Counties in 2015. The second map depicts production for just Washington and Greene counties in 2015.

Our comments on the "Association Between Unconventional Natural Gas Development in the Marcellus Shale and Asthma Exacerbations" paper.



The Environmental Health Project (EHP) is a nonprofit public health organization that assists and supports residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond who believe their health has been, or could be, impacted by unconventional oil and gas development (UOGD, commonly known as “fracking”). Our team of medical professionals, community service professionals, and public health scientists is here to help!

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