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Making the Most of Where to Turn: A Resource Directory

What is "Where to Turn: A Resource Directory"?

The Environmental Health Project (EHP) has been gathering resources to help frontline communities impacted by shale gas development for more than 10 years. Where to Turn: A Resource Directory is a free, online resource that provides comprehensive emergency, regulatory, legislative, and partner organization information for Southwestern Pennsylvania. As EHP’s work has expanded, the directory has grown to include nationwide resources along with support specific to Ohio, West Virginia, New York, and Colorado.

How to Use "Where to Turn: A Resource Directory"?

The directory is divided into several sections accessible by links that jump to the relevant part of the page. Jump to each of these sections by clicking the link near the top under the heading “Search by Category.”

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Reporting

    • Pennsylvania

    • Ohio

    • West Virginia

    • New York

    • Colorado

  • Local & State Legislators

  • Organizations*

  • Resources

    • Children

    • Environmental Exposure

    • Glossaries & Acronyms

    • Health

    • Infrastructure Related to Gas

    • Landowners

    • Legal

    • Misc.

*Organizations are listed alphabetically. Scroll the full list or click on a letter of the alphabet to quickly access the necessary part of the directory.

Why Use "Where to Turn: A Resource Directory"?

EHP’s directory resources provide valuable information for people who are already living near shale gas development (sometimes called “fracking”), those who want to learn more about shale gas development and its impacts, and people who need assistance with emergencies and health concerns. For instance, after receiving notification of a spill or blowout at a nearby well pad, impacted residents need unbiased resources for well water testing and potential contaminants of concern. Where to Turn: A Resource Directory is a comprehensive listing of information to help learn about all phases of shale gas development.


Please contact us if you are interested in your group or resource being listed in this guide, or if you need to request changes to an existing entry.


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