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2023 Year In Review

Note from Executive Director Alison L. Steele

Since 2012, EHP’s team has devoted itself to defending public health in the face of oil and gas development, becoming a national leader in the understanding of the health impacts of shale gas development, in particular.

In 2023, EHP began its second decade by continuing to address priority issues:

  1. Limiting the expansion of oil and gas-fueled infrastructure while supporting a just transition to renewable energy.

  2. Improving health-protective standards, transparency, and accountability that benefit residents faced with pollution from oil and gas operations.

  3. Leveraging EHP’s unique public health perspective to help cultivate more informed and effective stakeholders, including community leaders, policymakers, health care professionals, and partner organizations.

As we continued to execute our core mission, we also pivoted to address emerging issues and to respond to real-time health threats – of which there were plenty. This year, EHP provided health-protective guidance to frontline communities after the East Palestine train derailment, educated decision-makers about the health risks posed by additional petrochemical development in the Ohio River Valley, shared real-time air quality analysis tools with frontline communities in Pennsylvania and New York, and offered factual information on shale gas and health through op-eds and podcasts in Colorado, New York, and Pennsylvania. In these efforts and many others, we recognize our role in providing a strong voice to advocate for data-based, equitable, public health protections. 

The fossil fuel industry is often a nuanced, fraught, and quickly evolving landscape. Over the years, much of the public conversation has shifted from well pads and compressor stations to gas-fired power plants and landfills that accept fracking waste, and now petrochemical facilities and methane-based hydrogen production have entered the picture. If these technologies seem unrelated, just remember that more of the latter will require more of the former, putting people at increasing risk of health harms.

EHP remains committed to meeting the challenges on all key fronts by supporting a just, equitable transition away from fossil fuels and toward a safer, healthier future for all. 

Thank you for supporting EHP in our fight to defend public health.


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