06/13/2019 - Environmentalists push for plastic tampon applicators to be included in federal plastics ban

Environmental advocates are calling on the federal government to add plastic tampon applicators to the list of items that could be banned in Canada by 2021.

06/13/2019 - How some doctors want to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the operating room

In the moments before a patient undergoes surgery, chances are climate change isn't top of mind. Yet, the anesthetic gases used to put them to sleep leave a big carbon footprint. Some Canadian doctors are trying to do something about it.

06/13/2019 - UN says Canada's plan to rescue Wood Buffalo National Park not enough

The status of Canada's largest park as a world heritage site remains wobbly after a United Nations body expressed grave doubts about a federal plan to rescue it.

06/13/2019 - 'Smelly and gross' green bins major barrier to increased use: study

Starting next month, Ottawa residents will be able to use plastic bags in their green bins — and city officials are hoping that will reduce negative impressions about the organic waste program.

06/13/2019 - Development banks' climate funding at all-time high in 2018

Financing from six multilateral development banks to boost projects addressing climate risks and cutting emissions topped $43 billion in 2018, up 22% from 2017

06/13/2019 - U.S. green groups ramp up legal attacks on federal oil leases

Green groups aim to slow fossil-fuel development with legal challenges over planned oil and gas leases on public land.

06/13/2019 - McKenna announces carbon tax on Alberta a week after province kills former tax

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says she has given Alberta notice that the federal government will begin imposing its price on carbon in the province beginning Jan. 1 2020.

06/13/2019 - Barents cod catch should be reduced, researchers say

The stocks in the Barents Sea are smaller than before but can continue to produce if managed sustainability.

06/13/2019 - Why Norway's sovereign wealth fund is ditching fossil fuels

The world's largest sovereign wealth fund is set to become greener by scrapping a bunch of its assets in coal mining.

06/13/2019 - 22 million trees planted in Scotland to help meet 'global climate emergency'

More than 22 million trees were planted in Scotland last year in what has been described as a  "critical contribution to the global climate emergency".