03/19/2019 - Washington measles outbreak: why it’s mostly affecting Russian speakers

The CDC says 75 percent of recent measles cases are linked to tight-knit communities.

03/19/2019 - Electric batteries for airplanes are in the works

The race is on to build batteries big enough for planes to fly on clean electricity.

03/19/2019 - How Glastonbury is leading the plastic-free festival revolution

The U.K. festival is one of the largest to ban the sale of single-use plastic bottles – will others follow suit?

03/19/2019 - Iraq: where water used to flow

The Mesopotamian marshlands in southern Iraq were once the largest wetland ecosystem in Western Eurasia. But after years of drought and political turmoil, they're in danger of disappearing.

03/19/2019 - 5G networks: Are they dangerous to our health?

Fears surrounding mobile phone use and the possible effects of radiation on the human body are mounting.

03/19/2019 - Monsanto: Roundup substantial factor in man’s cancer, jury finds in key verdict

A federal jury's decision in the case of a man who said he used the weedkiller for decades could affect hundreds of other plaintiffs.

03/19/2019 - An island mapped for mines gets a reprieve after violent protests

Residents of Wawonii have staged huge protests demanding the cancellation of mining permits on the island, located in Indonesia's Southeast Sulawesi province.

03/19/2019 - Tear down the dams: New coalition strives to enshrine rights of orcas

Orcas are most imperiled by severe salmon shortages caused by the damming of the rivers that feed into the sea.

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