03/07/2019 - Dried out: Big ag threatens clean water in rural California

Residents of Allensworth, a historic town established by a former slave, have struggled with clean water access for decades.

03/07/2019 - How farm policy and Big Ag impact farmers in the U.S. and abroad

In a new book, senior researcher at the Small Planet Institute Timothy Wise examines the tensions between small and large-scale agriculture in feeding the world.

03/07/2019 - Pekka Niittyvirta and Timo Aho install climate art piece "Lines"

It’s just a simple series of LED lights–but it forces us to envision the floods of the future.

03/07/2019 - Green New Deal and social justice: Illinois clean energy bill is test case for jobs and equity

Illinois is weighing a 100 percent renewable energy bill that includes jobs, equity, and social justice.

03/07/2019 - Woman Fest founder plans training camp for climate rebels

The woman behind the UK's first female-only festival is setting up a climate activism training camp to instruct hundreds of young people in civil disobedience before a series of environmental protests planned for the coming weeks.

03/07/2019 - Piling up: How China’s ban on importing waste has stalled global recycling

China’s decision to no longer be the dumping ground for the world’s recycled waste has left municipalities and waste companies from Australia to the U.S. scrambling for alternatives. But experts say it offers an opportunity to develop better solutions for a growing throwaway culture.

03/07/2019 - Wehrum's old clients back 'ambient air' plan - documents

Three decades ago, congressional auditors slammed an obscure EPA air policy for effectively allowing companies to circumvent air pollution control requirements. But the policy, which defines "ambient air" for regulatory purposes, remained in place.

03/07/2019 - Endangered grasslands may be lifeline in face of climate change

Temperate grasslands are home to diverse flora and fauna but they are in decline because of land clearing and our lack of concern.

03/07/2019 - Veterans and their families are grappling with the military’s toxic legacy

Ten percent of Superfund sites are military installations that are increasingly vulnerable to climate change.

03/07/2019 - Awash with plastic bottles and lacking a law, Kenya struggles to recycle

As global concern over plastic pollution rises, corporate giants such as Coca-Cola and Unilever are pumping cash into a recycling initiative in Kenya they hope will provide a model for other developing countries.