05/09/2019 - Coastal recovery: Bringing a damaged wetland back to life

An ambitious wetlands restoration project is underway on Delaware Bay, where scientists are using innovative methods to revive a badly damaged salt marsh.

05/09/2019 - Groundswell makes community solar affordable to low-income people

People banding together to fund a solar project is an increasingly popular way of accessing clean energy. But it can either be an exclusive project or an inclusive way to spread the benefits of clean energy. It depends how it’s structured.

05/09/2019 - Perry, asked about environmental justice, talks about electricity prices

Energy Secretary Rick Perry, pressed on Thursday to define environmental justice, talked about the impacts of energy policy on consumer prices rather than on disadvantaged communities.

05/09/2019 - Amsterdam, other European cities look to ban diesel cars: What to know

The Amsterdam City Council announced plans last week to ban all gasoline- and diesel-powered cars and motorcycles from the city as of 2030.

05/09/2019 - Pollutionwatch: Are farming emissions killing cows too?

Knowing that air pollution is affecting livestock may prompt farmers to help clean our air.

05/09/2019 - New Mexico wants Holloman AFB to close lake to public because of contamination

New Mexico's top prosecutor is demanding that the U.S. Air Force close a publicly accessible lake at Holloman Air Force Base, saying Thursday the concentration of hazardous chemicals at the site poses a risk to public health and the environment.

05/09/2019 - Have mask, will travel. Tips for coping with pollution wherever you roam

Steps you can take include researching your destination, timing your trip, consulting apps for real-time data and being flexible.

05/09/2019 - Senate proposes law to hold feds accountable for PFAS contamination

The legislation comes days after the release of a report showing that 19 million people in 42 states have been exposed to PFAS-contaminated water, including five sites in Washington.

05/09/2019 - Investigation: Cracker plant will bring jobs, pollution

Some medical experts said breathing will be much harder once the plant is up and running.

05/09/2019 - Three Mile Island will close Sept. 30, as nuclear rescue legislation stalls in Harrisburg

The political, historical, and energy landscape of Pennsylvania made nuclear subsidies a tougher sell here, compared to other states.