05/22/2019 - Clever scientists catch up with rogue, ozone layer-killing polluters

Detectives have sniffed out a big source of an outlawed, invisible, and odorless gas, currently wafting through Earth's atmosphere.

05/22/2019 - Texas environmentalists plan lawsuit against Valero for pollution

Three Texas environmental groups notified Valero Energy Corp on Wednesday of plans to file a lawsuit under the U.S. Clean Air Act for pollution at the company's Port Arthur, Texas, refinery, the organizations said.

05/22/2019 - An (even more) inconvenient truth

The hunger for these offsets is blinding us to the mounting pile of evidence that they haven't — and won't — deliver the climate benefit they promise.

05/22/2019 - Top German sports associations call for artificial turf ban transition

Two of Germany's top sports associations have called for a transitional period of "at least six years" before a proposed EU-wide ban on intentionally added microplastics is imposed on synthetic turf pitches.

05/22/2019 - Lead in the land

City officials are divided on whether to do something about high levels of lead in soil. WNYC tested three public parks. Here’s what we found.

05/22/2019 - Los Angeles ranked highest in U.S. for deaths linked to air pollution

Scientists warned efforts to tackle air pollution that have saved the lives of Americans are under threat from Trump administration policies.

05/22/2019 - Only 9 percent of plastics are recycled. What's happening with the rest?

The blessing and curse of plastic. A boon to us, but a major hazard for wildlife and nature requiring a global solution.

05/22/2019 - Segregation has left a legacy of asthma and pollution in California cities

When Anthony Nardone, a medical student in the University of California at San Francisco and Berkeley's Joint Medical Program, first began learning about the mechanisms that lead to health disparities, he began to wonder about the role history plays, particularly the U.S. history of segregation.

05/22/2019 - Internal emails reveal how the chemical lobby fights regulation

Messages to the Environmental Protection Agency from lobbyists show tactic of sowing doubt in science, critics say.

05/22/2019 - From lipstick to burgers: How our lives have become so chemical dependent

The start of the suburban sprawl changed the US into a nation of voracious consumers, and the chemical industry responded by creating products to meet those demands.