05/22/2019 - Ice on Fire: HBO trailer released for Leonardo DiCaprio-narrated climate change documentary

DiCaprio narrates "Ice on Fire," which highlights never-before-seen solutions to our climate crisis.

05/22/2019 - Climate change is altering the composition of the world’s plankton communities

The composition of the world's plankton has changed significantly since before the Industrial Revolution, with zooplankton communities shifting poleward by an average 374 miles as a result of warming ocean temperatures.

05/22/2019 - Washington, D.C., tops the trust for Public Land ParkScore rankings

Congratulations to Washington, D.C., where 98% of people now live at most a 10-minute walk from green space.

05/22/2019 - The bad news about nudges: They might be backfiring

A new study suggests that nudges, small tweaks to help us make smarter decisions, risk being seen as substitutes for larger, more effective policies.

05/22/2019 - Trudeau’s action plan on climate change brings B.C. politician out of retirement

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party's action plan on climate change has brought one former British Columbia politician out of retirement and back into the arena.

05/22/2019 - EPA blocks a dozen products containing pesticides thought harmful to bees

Environmentalists and beekeepers have pushed for action for years.

05/22/2019 - Amazon employee climate change proposal fails shareholder meeting vote

Amazon is already doing a lot to reduce its carbon footprint - but employees say it's not enough.

05/22/2019 - Scientists discover a major lasting benefit of growing up outside the city

"What we found is that the childhood experience of green space can actually predict mental health in later life."

05/22/2019 - When LA's air got better, kids' asthma cases dropped

New cases of asthma dropped dramatically in Los Angeles communities where air quality improved the most over 20 years. The results illustrate health benefits from pollution control.

05/22/2019 - Parents fear kids at risk from dangerous dust at Silicon Valley school

An NBC Bay Area Investigation reveals the approval process to build a private school in Silicon Valley right next to a concrete plant was the result of an unfortunate chain of events, that included inaccurate permit applications and other bureaucratic blunders.