03/20/2019 - California’s pesticide regulators are supposed to consider safer alternatives. Many don’t.

New research shows a lack of consideration offer alternatives to the most dangerous pesticides used in the state—and cumulative exposures to multiple chemicals.

03/20/2019 - Africa is running out of water as cities see populations boom

Africa has been plagued by water shortages in recent months, manifestations of a global supply squeeze brought on by drought, population growth, urbanization and insufficient investment in dams and other infrastructure.

03/20/2019 - People now paying for sick world

Unsustainable production and consumption patterns, inequality and population growth-driven increase in resource use are "deteriorating planetary health at unprecedented rates with increasingly serious consequences especially for poorer people and regions," warn UN scientists and experts.

03/20/2019 - Houston chemical blaze extinguished as smoke shuts schools

Firefighting crews early Wednesday extinguished a petrochemical tank fire near Houston that had blazed for almost four days, spewing black smoke into the skies above the energy capital and spurring the hurried cancellation of classes for tens of thousands of children.

03/20/2019 - BP explores buying solar energy to power operations in the U.S.

BP Plc may become the next oil giant to power operations with clean energy.

03/20/2019 - Climate challenge harder than it seems, JPMorgan executive warns

The world isn’t cutting carbon emissions anywhere near quickly enough, a senior executive at J.P. Morgan Asset Management told clients this week -- and changing that will require far harder choices than most people realize.

03/20/2019 - VIDEO: How do we feed our growing megacities?

Urban farmers in Asia are hoping lab-grown plants and insects can help meet the continent's future food demands.

03/20/2019 - Trumps's budget proposal criticized by Great Lakes environmentalists

Environmentalists and organizations are up in arms over budget documents released earlier this month showing President Donald Trump is making another attempt to slash federal funding that goes toward cleaning up major U.S. waterways, including the Great Lakes.

03/20/2019 - The youth climate strikes fight back against despair

The moral heart of climate action today is in young people demanding a better world.

03/20/2019 - Mysterious Pacific Ocean ‘blob’ may have harmed Hawaii humpbacks

A persistent mass of warm water in the Arctic provided a preview of how climate change may impact humpback whales.