05/22/2019 - Roundup weed killer litigation is Kenneth Feinberg’s next challenge as mediator

A federal judge overseeing 900 lawsuits alleging that glyphosate causes cancer called on a lawyer who has helped resolve disputes involving Sept. 11 victims, BP and Volkswagen.

05/22/2019 - Costly cancer lawsuits may spur search to replace world's most common weed killer

Already hindered by the evolution of resistant weeds, glyphosate's future is further clouded by new legal defeats.

05/22/2019 - Mercury rising: how the Muskrat Falls dam threatens Inuit way of life

With soaring food prices, Inuit living downstream of the massive hydro project say they're faced with the impossible decision of eating contaminated land-based foods or abandoning traditional practices.

05/22/2019 - Eating dead marine animals is becoming a public health hazard

The eating of sea creatures washed up on beaches is becoming a public health hazard and a tough balancing act for governments.

05/22/2019 - US Senators introduce legislation to protect children from lead poisoning

Lead-Safe Housing for Kids Act of 2019, would require HUD to update its lead prevention measures to reflect modern science and ensure that families and children living in federally-assisted housing are protected.

05/22/2019 - Irish authorities told to warn public of Haulbowline health risks

An environmental group has threatened State authorities with a High Court action unless they erect public warning notices about dangerous substances on an island in Cork Harbour.

05/22/2019 - Democrats grill Trump Interior chief for saying he hasn't 'lost sleep' over climate change

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt faced more questions about his response to climate change and a slew of ethical concerns than about his budget.

05/22/2019 - Collins offering bill to boost battery research as GOP pushes energy 'innovation'

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) is introducing a bill Wednesday to boost the reliability of wind and solar electricity, one of the first of what may be several Republican energy bills in the pipeline.

05/22/2019 - Oil companies join blitz for carbon tax

A number of oil-and-gas giants are taking part in an effort to encourage lawmakers to pass a national carbon tax, splitting with industry trade groups.

05/22/2019 - Video: Ayanna Pressley grills Ben Carson over public housing

"Would you let your grandmother live in public housing, under these conditions?"