05/16/2021 - Canada declares plastics toxic, paving the way for restrictions

“I think the days of waiting for recycling to work are over,” notes one environmentalist.

05/16/2021 - How climate change is making allergy season even worse

Pollen counts are already higher than they've ever been, but not only will they increase, the season will get longer as well, experts say.

05/15/2021 - 'Worst day': Water crisis deepens on California-Oregon line

Federal regulators shut off irrigation water to farmers from a critical reservoir and said they wouldn't send extra water to dying salmon or to wildlife refuges.

05/15/2021 - A starfish is born: hope for key species hit by gruesome disease

US team succeeds in captive breeding of sunflower sea stars and aims to reintroduce them to the wild

05/15/2021 - NOAA’s ‘new normals’ climate data raises questions about what’s normal

When climatologists started standardizing global weather data about 100 years ago, they didn’t know that heat-trapping greenhouse gases were already pushing the planet’s climate inexorably in one direction, off the charts of human experience.  But people like to measure things in understandable segments, so, based on the data it had at the time, the World […]

05/15/2021 - ExxonMobil worked to shift climate blame to individual consumers

ExxonMobil Worked To Shift Climate Blame To Individual Consumers

05/15/2021 - “A generational historic struggle to regain our water”

Ensia is a solutions-focused nonprofit media outlet reporting on our changing planet. Published by the Institute on the Environment.

05/15/2021 - Zug Island: Reflections on an industrial icon in President Biden’s utopian future

Reading Time: 4 minutes An “idled" steel mill hangs by a thread as President Biden bets big on his futuristic infrastructure plan We're in a period of transformation, it seems. I added the qualifier because in the era of Covid-19, not much is certain. We're barely four years past former President Donald Trump's retreat from environmental protection.

05/15/2021 - Op-Ed:  The meat industry is doing exactly what Big Oil does to fight climate action

Companies have spent millions to downplay the links between animal agriculture and climate change

05/14/2021 - How solar panels over water could help fight climate change

It might be more expensive than traditional solar farms. But not everything is about money.