06/17/2019 - With state's help, Kern dairies turn cow manure into clean energy

Don't hold your nose: Methane from cow manure at local dairies has taken on new value as both a clean-burning fuel and a greenhouse gas to be harnessed.

06/17/2019 - Revealed: How climate change action strategy will affect you

Almost every aspect of our daily lives will be affected by a new climate strategy which will be unveiled today.

06/16/2019 - Industrial ammonia production emits more CO2 than any other chemical-making reaction. Chemists want to change that

Scientists around the world are working to reduce how much greenhouse gas the ammonia-making process emits.

06/16/2019 - Farmers feel under siege, but keep milking

It's an impassioned belief in their generational wisdom that keeps dairy farmers rooted in farming.

06/16/2019 - EPA's watchdog office wants to hear about communication missteps at USS Lead site

The Superfund site was designated more than 10 years ago, but EPA was aware of lead contamination in the area as early as the 1980s.

06/16/2019 - Long-time EPA Community Coordinator – veteran in Housatonic River cleanup – steps down

Jim Murphy worked on Superfund cleanups in New England throughout his career at EPA, and was closely involved with GE's cleanup of PCBs in the Housatonic River.

06/16/2019 - Reshaping the Mississippi is unraveling wildlife habitat: The River’s Revenge

A 261-mile-long stretch in Wisconsin is one of the first places where river engineering began to show its ugly side.

06/16/2019 - For some Mississippi River cities, there are only 2 choices — adapt or move: The River’s Revenge

Davenport, population 103,000, is the only major city along the Upper Mississippi without a floodwall.

06/16/2019 - Bonnet Carré opening kills ecosystems on MS Coast, Louisiana

Repeated openings of the Bonnet Carré Spillway, never contemplated when it was built 91 years ago, threaten an ecosystem that has sustained South Mississippi and Louisiana residents for centuries.

06/16/2019 - Rain leaves veggie farmers struggling with no aid in sight

Like farmers throughout the Midwest, this spring's torrential rains turned Andrew Dunham's land into sticky muck that set him back nearly a month in planting his crops.