01/22/2020 - Mexico questions police over disappeared butterfly activist - ABC News

Prosecutors in western Mexico have called in 53 local police for questioning in the Jan. 14 disappearance of a long-time promoter and protector of the wintering grounds of the monarch butterfly

01/22/2020 - Rising temperatures put more US workers at risk of dying from heat

As the climate crisis worsens, there are currently no federal safety protections for workers in extreme temperatures.

01/22/2020 - Yes wee can: study gives green light to use urine as crop fertilizer

Researchers say stored urine from humans is not likely to spread antibiotic resistance.

01/22/2020 - New water tests confirm PFAS contamination in Bergen County, NJ

Environmental Working Group, said the Bergen County sampling site had the fourth-highest total PFAS level in the U.S. when it took samples in August 2019.

01/22/2020 - Environmental group's air testing finds greater cancer risk in part of North Birmingham

Bluestone Coke heats coal to produce metallurgical coke. It also releases toxic quantities of naphthalene and benzene.

01/22/2020 - ‘The clock is ticking and the time to green our labs is now!’

Prior to founding Galway Green Labs, Dr Una FitzGerald found she was contributing to the disposal of large volumes of laboratory plastics on a daily basis.

01/22/2020 - Michigan hunting for sources of PFAS in Saginaw River

Is it from industrial legacy or today's businesses?

01/22/2020 - China funds coal plants in Bosnia as residents protest air quality

Fine particle levels in Sarajevo have exceeded WHO limits every day in January.

01/22/2020 - New report details inland port’s potential harms

Opponents of the Utah Inland Port voiced concerns over air quality impact on wetlands, climate change implications and environmental justice.

01/22/2020 - Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approves writing PFAS rules

The Natural Resources Board signed off Wednesday on setting environmental standards for two PFAS compounds — so-called "forever chemicals."