03/01/2021 - Huge, global study of plastic toys finds over 100 substances that may harm children

The potential health risks of chemicals used in plastic toys have had scientists concerned for years, but new research reveals just how widespread the risk of harm to children remains.

03/01/2021 - China got its economy growing again, but a shortfall in babies will be harder to fix

Some economists say a shrinking workforce threatens China's chances of overtaking the U.S. as the world's largest economy. China's workforce is expected to shrink by more than 0.5% a year, as fewer young people replace a growing number of retirees.

03/01/2021 - How the loss of soil is sacrificing America's natural heritage

A new study points to a stunning loss of topsoil in the Corn Belt — the result of farming practices that have depleted this once-fertile ground.

03/01/2021 - How inequity gets built into America's vaccination system

People eligible for the coronavirus vaccine tell us they are running up against barriers that are designed into the very systems meant to serve those most at risk of dying of the disease. We plan to continue tracking these roadblocks.

03/01/2021 - Biden hikes cost of carbon, easing path for new climate rules

The social cost of carbon could have ripple effects throughout industry.

03/01/2021 - Chicago hunger strike against recycling plant grows: 'We're starving ourselves to save people's lives'

Activists oppose metal shredder moving to East Side, a low-income Latino community reeling from the effects of industrial pollution

03/01/2021 - Cities voted for green building codes. Now developers want to end voting

Powerful lobbying groups are fighting to block cities from having a final say over building codes that could cut pollution and make energy bills cheaper.

03/01/2021 - Petaluma, California will ban construction of new gas stations

Petaluma has decided it has enough gas stations to last until we transition to electric vehicles.

03/01/2021 - Florida-Georgia water dispute returns to Supreme Court

The court will decide whether Georgia must cap its water use from the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint basin and allow more water to flow downstream to Florida.

03/01/2021 - Small towns get ready to fight Big Oil over air quality in Central Valley

Two rural communities prepare to wrest more control over protecting their air from pollution.