07/05/2020 - Western fire season could raise stakes in battle against COVID-19

Air pollution from wildfire smoke increases susceptibility to the coronavirus, leading to worsened health conditions for those near fires.

07/05/2020 - Australia has a flesh-eating-bacteria problem

In the beach towns south of Melbourne, everyone, it seems, knows someone who’s been attacked.

07/05/2020 - The Alaskans are coming

Underwater recordings confirm that a new killer whale population is poking its head into British Columbia.

07/05/2020 - An ancient valley lost to ‘progress’

In his push for economic development, Turkey’s president has flooded the archaeological gem of Hasankeyf and displaced thousands of families.

07/05/2020 - B.C. eyes emissions trading to offset effects of LNG development, government documents show

Province considers trading under Paris Agreement a 'priority' to ensure it can push forward with industrial development and meet its climate commitments.

07/05/2020 - NGOs call for moratorium on controversial ‘gene drive organisms’

After over 78 environmental and agricultural organisations signing a letter this week calling for a moratorium on gene drive technology, EURACTIV took a closer look at the controversial technology to find out about what it is and the implications it holds.

07/05/2020 - Atlantic Coast Pipeline canceled as delays and costs mount

Dominion Energy, one of the pipeline's two partners, also announced the sale of its gas transmission and storage assets.

07/05/2020 - China braces for more rainstorms over weekend, climate change blamed

China's emergency ministry warned that water levels in the middle reaches of the Yangtze river were expected to exceed warning levels, raising risks of geological disasters and urban waterlogging in central and southwest regions.

07/05/2020 - A big rat in Congress helped California farmers in their war against invasive species

California Rep. Josh Harder needed a way to convince the U.S. House of Representatives to pay attention to his speech about invasive species during a meeting in February. So he brought in a hefty rat carcass and laid it on the table next to him.

07/05/2020 - Back to the future: In January 2021 America needs to rejoin the world and start leading again

"America First," was not supposed to be "America Alone," but Donald Trump's rudderless foreign policy is emboldening America's enemies, alienating its allies, and undermining key foundations of America's security.