09/20/2020 - Could 80,000 family woodlot owners be the key to saving the Acadian forest?

Only remnants of this carbon-rich forest in the Maritimes remain after centuries of clear-cutting.

09/20/2020 - The art of fire: reviving the Indigenous craft of cultural burning

Indigenous Peoples have managed their lands with fire since time immemorial. But colonizers criminalized the practice.

09/20/2020 - Climate change is real. Jeremy Jones wants to prove it.

Professional snowboarder and environmentalist Jeremy Jones is on a quest to find a united path forward on climate policy through a shared loved of the outdoors.

09/20/2020 - Encounter with climate change: Arctic town mayor witnesses melting tundra slide into the sea

Leader of a small town in Arctic Russia gets firsthand experience of local climate change as he witnesses the drift of vast tundra masses into coastal waters.

09/20/2020 - Climate change and forest mismanagement are fueling wildfires from Brazil to California

The West Coast of the United States is still deep in the throes of an epic wildfire season, with California officials warning that the record area of 3.1 million acres burned in the state so far this year is likely to keep growing.

09/20/2020 - Diverse habitats and conditions make for diverse chimp behavior

A chimp may not always be just a chimp when it comes to behavior. In fact, the more varied the conditions the primates face, the more diverse their behavior and culture.

09/20/2020 - Scott Morrison's target for net zero greenhouse gas emissions is missing one thing

Scott Morrison has made a big pledge to Australians about cutting greenhouse gas emissions, but there is one thing missing: a deadline.

09/20/2020 - Underwater and on fire: US climate change magnifies extremes

America's worsening climate change problem is as polarized as its politics. Some parts of the country have been burning this month while others were underwater in extreme weather disasters.

09/20/2020 - 'I was living my life like I didn't believe in climate change' - scientist Shaun Hendy

Shaun Hendy has known about climate change since he was 12, but it took Donald Trump to make him act on it.

09/20/2020 - UC Davis researchers combating climate change

A group of researchers at UC Davis are working with ranchers, scientists, agriculture groups and tribal nations to find a solution to combating climate change.