Spotlight: Wesley Silva

The borough of Marianna in Washington County, PA, has a total area of two square miles and a population of just under 500 residents. A drive through Marianna showcases pockets of residential areas — modest ranchers and simple brick homes mixed with wood-framed farmhouses — tucked between spans of trees and open fields. Recently, Marianna entered the spotlight when a shale gas producer came to town.

Wesley Silva, a current pastor at First Baptist Church of Smock and former Council President of Marianna Borough, discussed his... Read More

How Methane Affects Your Health

Chances are you’ve already heard about methane at one time or another. Peat bogs, for example, give off a lot of methane. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), however, roughly 50 to 65 percent of global methane emissions are related to human activity.

The Health Behind Plastics Cracker Plants

The plastics cracker complex that Royal Dutch Shell is now building in Beaver County has been touted as a jobs creator and an overall benefit to the economy of southwestern Pennsylvania. But this cracker plant, which is the size of almost 300 football fields, has the potential to harm the health of the entire region for years to come. Given that at least three more complexes are being proposed for the tri-state area, the risks to public health should not be taken lightly.